We all want a clean environment, especially when eating . . .

​​Keep it clean.  Your location's cleanliness and sanitation may be one of the most important factors in attracting new customers, and keeping the ones you already have. 

Cleaning should take place during periods of the least amount of food exposure, such as before opening or after closing.

America's Onsite offers thorough cleaning based on your operating schedule.  Some of the methods of cleaning we have is a closed vacuum system we developed that has a Hepa filtration System which prevents all air and dust particles from escaping and being blown back into the atmosphere. 

America's Onsite Cleaners  highdusting  process goes hand in hand with all of our equipment that is designed specifically for a particular need such as:  drapery and blind cleaning equipment for cleaning blinds and drapes and upholstery cleaning equipment for cleaning booths; it's as simple as that...



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 Examples of the process called  highdusting where all particles are caught and contained, not allowing them to re-enter the atmosphere or contaminate the cleaned area.  The containment is accomplished by using a Hepa Filtration System.